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Style reflects confidence. From L.A. to Madrid, work outs to red carpets, The Onyx is there to accompany you.

Single braided genuine faux leather (Matte Black)

Ever considered bringing your iPhone charger when you leave your house? Chances are, you are probably going to need it. Torro Bracelet is a state of the art jewelry piece that allows you to forget that thought. It's a luxury bracelet that doubles as a data charging cord.

  • Sleek and simple design
  • Jet Black Metal
  • iPhone lightning connector
  • USB Type C & Micro USB
  • 2.0 USB connector
  • An additional layer of protection has been added to the lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying
  • USES - USB outlets, External power banks, Laptops, Gaming consoles, and more
Lightning/Apple USB Type C Micro USB

Iphone 5
Iphone 6
Iphone 6 Plus
Iphone SE
Iphone 7 Plus
Iphone 8
Iphone X

Samsung Galaxy s8
Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s7

Samsung Galaxy s6
Samsung Galaxy s5

Please refer to the chart below for a basic overview of our bracelet sizes. Please note that this is an approximate measurement. follow the steps below for a more accurate measurement.

  • Small- 5.75"- 6.25"in. (small children & women w/tiny wrist)
  • Medium- 6.25"- 7"in. (average wrist size)
  • Large- 7"- 7.75"in. (large wrist size)

How It Works

TORRO Bracelets, a fashion forward USB cable disguised as a designer bracelet. This charging bracelet plugs into plugs into any USB port. In addition to charging your device, it also has the ability to securely sync your data.

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